Premium medical equipments
at your service

Stentsen brings you a diverse selection of superior medical equipments, ensuring you’re equipped with the best tools for outstanding healthcare delivery.

Surgical instruments (General and Specialized)

Trusted surgical tools and precision specialty sets for diverse procedures.

Medical implants

Innovative implantables from pacemakers to orthopaedic and dental implants designed to restore health and function.

Mobility equipment and orthotics

Mobility aids plus braces and supports to augment rehabilitation and active lifestyles.

  • Axillary crutches

  • Elbow crutches

  • Zimmer frames

  • Wheelchairs

  • Knee braces

  • Ankle braces

  • Wrist braces

  • Lumbar corsets

  • Neck collars

  • Broad arm slings

  • Collar and cuffs

  • Air cast boots

Hospital furniture

Ergonomic beds, stretchers and more built for safety, accessibility and comfort.

Medical consumables

Single-use items ensuring contamination control, safety and optimal outcomes.

  • Disposable gloves

  • Surgical gloves

  • Surgical gowns

  • Syringes

  • Infusion giving sets

  • Blood giving sets

  • IV Cannulas

  • Catheters

  • Feeding tubes

  • NG tubes

  • Urinary catheters

  • Drainage bags

  • Blood sample bottles

  • Plasters

  • Cotton

  • Gauze

  • POP

  • Soff ban

  • Bandages

Medical electronic equipments

Cutting-edge imaging systems, monitors and analyzers to increase precision and efficiency.

General medical equipments

Comprehensive supplies, diagnostic sets, patient care tools meeting healthcare facilities' wide-ranging needs.